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Max StavronMax's interests and talents are wide and rather varied. While he excels in business, public relations, and marketing, Max also is an accomplished guitar player, photographer, writer, and artist. Max Stavron owns several manufacturing and sales businesses as well as a website design, SEO, and marketing firm. Max is also a guitar tech and an avid collector of Vintage and rare memorabilia collectable guitars. Max and Tom Doyle, Les Paul's right hand man of over 45 years have recently introduced their "Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbucker" pickups... Les Paul’s Final Dream of the Ultimate Humbucker Pickup Comes to Life!

Les Paul, Tom Doyle, Guitars, Pickups... and more!

Max is the right hand man and business manager to the one and only Tom Doyle. Tom Doyle was Les Paul's personal luthier, guitar tech, soundman, engineer, co-inventor, close friend and confidant for over 45 years. Tom introduced Max to Les way back in the early 1980's just as Les was coming out of a very long retirement. Max handles all the business affairs for Team Doyle USA... The Company owns several incredibly historic and valuable guitars, Les Paul memorabilia, and the two have finished Les Paul's Final Dream of a clear, articulate, harmonically rich high impedance Humbucker pickup. Suffice it to say that the guitar world is very pleased and Les Paul players everywhere are nothing less than elated!


Max Stavron and Tom DoyleLES PAUL'S PERSONAL 2002 Les Paul Custom: Serial Number 00332400 - White with Gold Hardware, in its original Gibson Hardshell case, with Les Paul's personal guitar strap in the case. This guitar was played often and much by Les... he liked it so much so that he had it re-fretted to his personal spec by the good people of Gibson's Artist Relations Department in New York City. While Les had many guitars in his collection, he actually used and played this one regularly up until the time of his death in 2009. As you can see, it was featured on the cover of his Autobiography, as well as the last page of the book. It was kept in his personal bedroom...and played by Les quite often. Les Paul's DNA is all over this instrument and it has not been altered or cleaned in any way since it was taken out of Les' home in Mahwah, New Jersey.

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